Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Disease

PHPID Interdisciplinary Grants

PHPID Grant Awards

As of August, 2013, the PHPID has awarded $1,355,000 in faculty research support. In 2012 the PHPID program developed a new grant program which focused on growth and return on investment for the program. The underlying concept for the awards is based upon scientific merit, trajectory for success and the potential for external funding. Proposals for the SAG are designed to 1) provide bridge support for investigators with planned or revised R01 type proposals that fit within a given theme and need additional time/resources to develop preliminary data, or 2) support of initiatives from investigators with less than two existing RO1 level grants who wish to embark on a significant investment on a new theme for the purposes of securing external funding. The objective of the PGs is to foster the further development of cohesive, ongoing multi-PI research programs organized around infectious disease thematic areas. The 2012/2013 competition for Strategic Area (SAG) and Program (PG) grants included 13 high quality proposals addressing the thematic areas of product development, food safety and microbial pathogenesis. Three proposals were chosen for full award.  The 2012/2013 SAG and PG Awardees include (PI):


  •  Amal Amer - “Compromised autophagy allows Burkholderia cenocepacia persistence in macrophages derived from cystic fibrosis patients”
  • Larry Schlesinger - “Anti-tuberculosis drug discovery through lead optimization of the protein kinase inhibitor OSU-03012”
  • Joanne Turner -“Exploring the impact of inflammaging on immune function during M.tb infection”