Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Disease

A focus on solutions to the top challenges of today's world

As the nation’s largest and most comprehensive public university, Ohio State developed the Discovery Themes to leverage its special strengths to address the technological, social and environmental stresses that define today’s global world. The three Discovery Themes are "Energy and the Environment," "Food Production and Security," and "Health and Wellness." Over the next 10 years, the university’s investment in the Discovery Themes will provide the basis for an eight to ten percent net increase in the number of Ohio State’s tenured/tenure-track faculty. These will be individual scholars as well as groups or clusters of faculty in critical areas. Their work will complement the research, teaching and outreach of our existing faculty. Together, they will accelerate Ohio State’s contributions to solving problems affecting Ohio and the world.

The PHPID program plays a central role in one of the focus areas, Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Disease Detection, Treatment and Prevention. The comprehensive nature of OSU is a unique strength and the PHPID program provides the organizational framework that brings diverse disciplines, centers and programs together in ways that can uniqueloy contribute to the control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Our goal is to address critical gaps in OSU's ability to detect, treat and prevent emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats through these key faculty hires that build upon interdisciplinary strengths of PHPID and other OSU and community partners.

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