Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Disease

Targeted Investments

In 2005, the Office of Academic Affairs established the Targeted Investment in Excellence (TIE) program to encourage colleges and departments to move their teaching and research into the top 10 or 20 among their world peers as part of Ohio State's Academic Plan. Ten proposals from a variety of disciplines were selected to share $100 million over five years. Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases (PHPID) was one of the 10 proposals selected.

We currently face threats from several infectious diseases that could produce death and suffering in human and animal populations. Such diseases may be either naturally occurring or intentionally introduced. Further, introduction of or re-emergence of certain infectious diseases will result in huge economic losses, political repercussions and, in general, produce great negative psychological impact in our nation. PHPID's focus on important infectious disease threats capitalizes on the unique strengths and capabilities of Ohio State, which has one of the most comprehensive health sciences campuses in the nation.

Our overarching mission is to protect the public from infections.

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The colleges collaborating on this initiative are: